_SuperPAK PCDash 2 template_______________________

A .psi file for the Saitek Gaming Extensions. This is my current configuration (I use it together with a digital F-22/TQS setup).

  • Use the small joystick on the left to simulate the Data Entry Switch on the ICP!
  • The row of MFD switches is for the right MFD (use the SHIFT button to access the left's MFD right row)

_Download (290 kB)_____________________________

The PSI file


  • Unzip the downloaded file to get the .psi file
  • Launch the Saitek Gaming Extensions (SGE)
  • Import the .psi file
  • Download the template image from below (Rigth-click on picture and select "Save Image as...")
  • Import the image into Word and scale to the correct size (or use imaging software like PaintSho Pro) to print the Image in the correct size (20.65 x 13.7 cm / 8.1 x 5.4 inches)
  • Start Falcon and enjoy!


Thomas "tom2" Wälti

_Template view____________________________________