To ease the burden of other providers, I support a small mirror for the major Falcon add-on's. I can offer a bandwidth of 150 GB per month (about 40 downloads of SP4 per day :-), so the mirror might not always work.


_SuperPAK 4___________________________________________

This is the ultimate patch for Falcon 4 (130 MB). With SuperPAK 4, released in February 2004, Falcon takes another major step forward. The new reference patch for Falcon 4 1.08US. More on f4ut.frugalsworld.com


_Balkans Theatre - Final release___________________________

Balkans "Powderkeg" theatre add-on for Falcon 4 SP3 and later (20 MB)


_Desert Storm Theatre: public 512 beta (3.8.2003)___________________________

Mid-east theatre add-on for Falcon 4 SP3 (250 MB)


_NATOPS F/A-18E/F Manual (19.2.2003)___________________________

806 pages - All you ever wanted to know about the Navy's F-/A-18E/F (36 MB)




Thomas "tom2" Wälti