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_Welcome to my Falcon 4 ressources!______________

Falcon 4.0 is the benchmark in flight sim technology, supported by a large and dedicated community. On this page, you can find some of my minor contributions to the improvement of this "piece of art".

Check the links to keep in touch with the community or look at some of the screenshots to admire the beauty and complexity of Falcon 4.0

-Thomas "tom2" Wälti


9.3.2005 Balkans theatre page. To promote the Balkans theatre and make it easier accesible to the HiTiles customers (the HiTiles now include a FREE upgrade for the Balkans theatre!), I put up a page with an overview of the theatre, installation instructions and all necessary downloads.

26.3.2004 Complete HiTiles terrain texture pack released! - Free Installer for Falcon 4 available.
Forget about the complicated setup of individual tilesets as seen above....save yourself download and installation hassles...instead get the new complete HiTiles. Check out the product website with additional information, screenshots and the shop right now at www.hitiles.com !

14.3.2004 New website location: falcon.tomch.com!

26.2.2004 SuperPAK 4 available now!

15.2.2004 Minor site update. Removed old screenshots. Cleaned up HiTiles page.
I'm currently busy preparing a complete HiTiles package (available soon) and doing some minor work on BMS and SP4.

30.4.2003 Full Base Tileset released, including over 170 new Airbase HiTiles.
Dedicated to Louis Thomas, my son born today!

New tile set in my HiTiles project.

8.3.2003 HiTiles: Full CITY tileset & new automatic Installer released

New tile sets and installer released in my HiTiles project.

15.2.2003 HiTiles: "Demarcation line" fixed

Just get the new fartiles.pal file.

25./26.1.2003 HiTiles: City1 and Harbour1 tilesets released

New tile sets released in my HiTiles project.

18.1.2003 HiTiles extended, split into base installer and tile sets

New tile sets released in my HiTiles project. Creation of comprehensive webpage.

8.1.2003 HiTiles going public

I've released beta2 of my upcoming high-res forest and farmroad tiles.

15.12.2002 FileMirror ready, Site clean-up, Pro Hosting: falcon.tomch.com

I now have my own website, hosted by powweb. They offer 250 MB of filespace and 25GB of traffic per month for 7.77$ - So I will try to host my own small FileMirror, featuring only the most important and current downloads. [UPDATE MARCH 2005: 30 months later, same price, but 2 GB of filespace, 150 GB of traffic :-]]

In addition, I cleaned up my website and put it on it's own domain: falcon.tomch.com


_Old News_________________________________________

4.11.2001 PCDash 2 Template

This is my template for Saitek's PCDash 2

11.8.2001 More screenshots

The screenshots section now includes over a dozen of my best Falcon screenshots, giving a glimpse of this awesome flight simulator.

10.8.2001 First plug-in for F4Weather released

Get "Scattered Storm from the F4weather homepage

7.7.2001 F4Weather released

F4weather allows you to apply different "typical" weather patterns (with
corresponding wind directions, windspeeds and temperatures) to Falcon 4
missions. It can be applied to saved campaigns, TE's, training missions,
instant action and dogfights.
A number of typical weather patterns come pre-installed, giving you
different types of cloud cover and wind speed/direction. More can be
created using advanced mode.

New features of the 1.10 release include:
- Edit INSTANT.CAM to change the weather in dogfight and instant action
- New and improved weather patterns, hand-crafted for best effects with eFalcon 1.10
- "Radar images" of the weather situation
- Random button to ease your management decisions ;-)
- Theater independent (also works with Balkans Terrain)

6.7.2001 F4Manual released

Make real manuals! This template for Microsoft Word 97, together with the included fonts, allows you to layout manuals for Falcon 4.0 in a way that they look EXACTLY like the original Falcon 4 manual.

25.5.2001 "f4p_Instant_Clouds" released

This patch for F4Patch adds a light cloud pattern to Dogfights and Instant Action

UPDATE 7.7.2001: With F4Weather 1.10, you can now directly edit the weather in Dogfights and Instant Action!

25.5.2001 Dedicated homepage

Due to the usage restrictions of Geocities (remote loading of screenshots and tools nearly killed my account), I had to move all my Falcon related stuff to another provider. If you want to know more about me, check my personal homepage under www.geocities.com/tomwaelti

16.4.2001 F4Weather released

F4weather is a tool that allows you to apply different "typical" cloud patterns (with corresponding wind directions, windspeeds and temperatures) to falcon4 missions. It can be applied to saved campaigns, TE's and training missions.